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It's been far too long since I've written any thoughts down into this journal. I take full responsibility for this oversight and will not let it happen again. If anything is to come of using this, it must be used in the first place.

It sounds as if Martin Landel has been ousted from his own institute. Over the past few days, a man known as Aguilar has taken Landel's position with military force. I cannot claim to be upset with this turn of events, but I won't claim to enjoy it either. Aguilar has thus far proven to be a more competent force of nature than Landel had been and while I appreciate that this makes it unnecessary for them to continue with false sympathy, the military's reign has been one that's tight-gripped. While that could also be something to admire from the standpoint of one leader to another, from the standpoint of a captive, it makes things far more restrained. These soldiers are not like the hospital staff. False or no, they show no pity and never hesitate in their duties. They expect everyone else to do the same, like we're the same as them.

I am not one of them. I am not one of their soldiers. If they attempt to force my hand at anything, I'll gladly starve and exhaust myself than give in.

In the very least, it confirms my suspicions. There is heavy government involvement behind this. From what information I've been given, we're firmly trapped in the middle of a war.


Landel is with Mark. From Edward's information, Mark's location is inside the forest.

.I'm beginning to lose faith in working with Edward. I understand his devotion to his fiance, but she's proven again and again that she's incapable of listening to anything but her own emotions. She's a hormonal wild-card and be it as it may that she isn't a bad person, she's incredibly dense. I cannot trust taking her anywhere without being 100% sure she is not going to somehow throw herself into harm's way. Despite making this perfectly clear to the v man, Edward insists we take her along to find Landel. It's of my opinion that the best option would be to not take them at all. I cannot protect the both of them and it is not my place to get involved in their relationship. It would be best for all parties if I left them alone.

I don't know where that leaves me. Sora is too young to endanger. Claire Littleton is ####. Brainiac 5 is too young and uncooperative.

I need to get into the forest.



Enclosed is the material I've gathered regarding Jill Lowry. I'm almost positive that she is the source of the security leaks that we've been attempting to hunt down; she is most likely the only breach that we are facing from the inside, but she definitely has outside support, possibly from Second World. From this point onward, I would hesitate to trust the phone lines and I believe it's best if we double the security around the laboratories and patient corridors.

Meet me in my office once you read this.



NAME: ####################
ALIAS: Jill Lowry
AGE: 27
BORN: ##############

[drawn copy of the photo that came with the original note thanks to Edward]

############ raised by a wealthy, middle-class family in ################## Graduated from ######## in ######### with honors; highly intelligent, has taken several courses in computer science, possibly trained outside of school. It is believed she is working with a group of anarchists known as "Second World"; it is unclear what rank she holds in the organization. #################### regardless, Lydia Thayer should be considered extremely dangerous.


Jill Lowery -> Nurse Lydia Thayer - Double Agent of Landel's and Second World. Landel learned of her betrayal long before Alec Doyle turned on him, but keeps her in his presence regardless. An important figure? "I still have her." Lydia = "Her"? Tortured last night? "Re-educated"?

Iris: Automatic tour-guide. Recorded before Landel's properly opened. Fail-safe?

Who is "The Eagle"?



"and all I can taste is this moment"

- 0110110101101111011100100110010100100000011100000110111101110111011001010111001001100110011101010110110000101100

"and all I can breathe is your life"

- 0110110101101111011100100110010100100000011100110110001101100001011100100111100100101100

"because sooner or later it's over"

- 01110100011010000110000101101110001000000111010001101000011001010010000001101100011010010111011001101001011011100110011100101110

"I just don't want to miss you tonight"

- 0100100101110100001000000110100101110011001000000111010001101000011001010010000001110001011101010110010101110011011101000110100101101111011011100010000001101111011001100010000001100111011010000110111101110011011101000111001100101110


Keep all thoughts professional around E. His abilities may be of use, but do not assign anything at night for the time being.

Watch out for Sora. He may need assistance.


He isn't in Doyleton.

Get back to work.


Yesterday was spent in Doyleton, a small area some distance away from here. We were confined to the shopping district, but I had spoken to one of the civilians, Callahan, about the town and the condition it was in when we arrived.

He claimed that a few patients had escaped the nurses the week before (the very night I awoke here) and staged a riot on the town. From Sora's testimony, the only rioting that happened was a result of the townsfolk turning into the living dead and the patients were forced to defend themselves, something I myself had been subjected to in the institute. Callahan also claimed to that neither he, nor any of the other civilians, had seen this "riot" themselves, all of them having been in the residential area while it took place. All information he has is second-hand from the staff here, yet he dutifully believes it to be true.

I can only assume the townsfolk have been subjected to the Next-wave project already. They won't listen to you.

I've collected supplies the night before last. Due to unforeseen difficulties last night, testing can be scheduled this evening. Since Edward has what he needs, I need make sure he is willing to give the information I need tonight.

They can control space here - I need to watch myself. Tangentially related to this, some of the monsters are capable of replicating human shapes, somehow preying off the memories of others. I won't fall for it again.

Start planning out further testing.


give blood to Edward, get to Doyleton, save him


Brainiac 5 - Small teenager. Blond. Distinctive, pale markings on his forehead. He's willing to speak with you. Do so. Fourth shift.

Bridget, Alkaid - Missing?

Arlene - Missing. Either that or more adapt at hiding than I.

Spock - Speak with him later. Stubborn, yes, but may be helpful.


I've managed to spend the last six days in captivity in this asylum and have still made little to no progress. It's regrettable and immature of me and it will not continue this way any longer.

How long have I been asleep? Don't panic.


I've developed a theory on what is sustaining this asylum, but if I'm right I won't be able to either work out the system being used or understand how to shut it down without assistance. I know Alkaid has at least basic knowledge of blacktech devices, more so than me, and if she agrees to help I may be able to tap Spock for this as well. I'm not counting on either one of them to solve all of my problems and I will need more than only them to take this place down, but it is a start. Hopefully I'll be able to find enough information to make some sort of stride here.

Next-Wave and Iris: remember them.


Alkaid - Has agreed to be of assistance on the condition that the events of 2074 are strictly confidential. "Friends?"

Renamon - Blond woman, purple tattoos under her eyes. Useful?

Yohji - Gone.

Ask Edward. Get syringes. They should be on the second floor.


I've been let back into my room for now. It takes too much time to write coherently with drugs in my system, but it won't stop me.

I will not panic. I will get something done. I'll find what I need.

Master Zato... How did they fake these photographs? There may be more in the Patient Possessions room on the second floor if I can actually make it to the second floor.

"Brainwashings" yesterday evening. No word if it will happen again. The boy from the night before last was one of them.

I need to start recruiting patients.

Jun - Around 17. Quiet and well-mannered, but I don't expect to see him much in the future.

Edward - Physically around 18 or so. Cropped brown hair. Avoid at night if possible. Helpful, but not worth the bad luck that comes with him.

"Arlene" - Burned bridge. Refrain from speaking to her unless absolutely necessary.

Sub-Zero - Annoying. Avoid contact with.

Admiral Zex - . Avoid.

Yohji - Roommate. I don't know what happened to Takasugi


Landel’s Institute. I’ve never heard of it, as worrying as that is. I should know of every establishment within the parameters of the Guild, every facility of this size and population. It doesn’t seem feasible to have been taken a great distance away (A Country?) from where I was without my, or the other assassins, noticing. Different time period? universe?

I will not panic. The Guild will be searching for me. I will escape this place.

I will not fail you again, Master Zato. I promise.


They refer to me as Vincent Lant. The nurse (I forgot to ask her name) claims I am here to recover from a severe psychotic break. This might have been taken into more consideration if I did not have to protect myself and two other people from the living dead (according to Bridget, this is not of the norm) this past night and firmly remember being within the Guild's walls before then. Whatever they try to convince me of, I know better. Also... "federal training?"

According to various sources, this entire establishment may be within a different time than where I am from. If this is true (and I don't want to believe this is true. I don't.), simply escaping will not be enough. I need to gather all of the information on this institute I possibly can, find how it is run, how it manages to accomplish what it does, and find a way back into my own time. Only then I can return to the Guild.

I will still take this information with a grain of salt until I receive further conformation. It can't be--


The announcements from Iris point to this facility being little more than a government training exercise, attempting to brainwash all therein into believing the lies told. For what purpose? The military? "Next-Wave?"

I'm sure I've read a bad fiction novel with this same premise.


There is a locked door in the basement, perhaps leading to Landel or something important. Where are the other keys? I won't get my hopes up that an answer lies there. It would be too easy.


Alkaid - around five foot, redheaded woman. Bad temper. Lack of combative and strategic skills, yet remains determined and single-minded. Was infected. Could be of assistance with previous knowledge of this institute.

Spock - around six foot, dark haired man (strange eyebrows. I won't forget them). Calm, logical, would be an important asset if he wasn't so irritating and held a penchant for not listening to anyone else. I can do without him.

Bridget - the young bounty hunter. Allegedly has been here for weeks. The only one from my timeline? May have more use if his childish inclinations do not interfere.

Sora - short child around fourteen years of age, spiked brown hair. Useful, or at least tries to be. Hopefully his optimism does not get the better of him.

"Arlene" - blonde woman around six-foot. Ex-member of Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. May be useful.

Sherry - Around 12. Small, blonde girl. Very blunt and questioning. I don't expect to see her again.

Martin Landel - "Head Doctor." "Landel has consistently displayed nearly all of of the traits of a Mad Scientist, or at least a mastermind with an increasingly tenuous grip on his situation. He has been acting increasingly erratic over the past few nights, as various problems presented themselves (faulty wiring in the intercoms, apparently being overworked, et cetera). It's really only a matter of time before personalities of this kind self destruct." Murdered last night?

Alec Doyle - "also known as Jack. A former partner of Landel's, then an adversary. We were all quite sure he was permanently dead." "Doyle would leave a few items hidden throughout the Institute, their locations usually given through needlessly cryptic hints. He appeared twice in person, once posing as one of the 'patients', once at night to directly take requests for items from individuals. Before any of the items could be given, he was killed. It seems he has come back." Spoke to patients over radio, was thought to have been murdered by Landel. The second voice last night?

"Her" - Jill? Head Nurse Lydia? Iris?

Takasugi Shinsuke. I'm mistaken, I'm mistaken, it isn't his voice it can't be it's just a coincidence, it's just a coincidence.

[this transcript has been copied. Spares notes taken from these two posts. These two posts too.]


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