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as you ruminate the hopeless sands of time

did you wander out your days lost and resigned?

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you know eternity can never change your mind ♛;;

"Real" Name: Vincent Lant
Room Number: M2
Serial Number: 21412367M
Age: Unknown (looks to be somewhere between early and middle-twenties)
Hair Color: White (there is, however, a blue eye dyed onto the front)
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'10
Weight: 146 lb
Blood Type: A
Other Characteristics: Dark skinned, muscled, but still seems a bit wiry. Constantly has his hair in his face. Silver scars on the left side of his neck that are several degrees colder than the rest of his body temperature, mostly hidden under his hair. Now has his suit to wear for Nightshift.

His hair has been cut.

Main Language: English
Second Language(s) : Bits and pieces of other languages, but nothing fluent.

Current Physical Status: Deep, clawed gashes on his right side and both shoulders, healed. Large acid burn on left leg and small burns on right side of his face, healed. Laceration on right palm, healed. Long lacerations on both right cheekbone and left forearm. Deep stab-wound in the left side of his abdomen.
Current Power Limitations: Can summon two to three cue balls a night. They're more brittle and prone to dissipating than usual.
Current Belongings:
1 map
1 bottle of various pain medication
11 syringes
14 needles
Around a dozen photos or so pulled from his patient's possession box.
Reclaimed his metal pool cue from his home world.

To whoever bought this account paid time: Thank you so much!
bad end, cues, leave my hair alone, master zato, needs more belts, not being a host, reading, refusing to dress sane, ruining millia's hair, zato, zato zato, zato zato zato, zato zato zato zato, zato-1, zato-sama